Wednesday, July 27, 2016

This Month's Meeting

Windward Orchid Society's next MEMBERSHIP MEETING is scheduled for Wednesday, July 6th at 7:30 p.m. in the King Intermediate School Cafeteria.

In Recognition of Excellence

Our Installation Banquet last month was fantastic. Craig Nakahara, the MC with the most-est, kept the evening rolling with his vivacious elocution. And Roy Andrade, President of the Ewa Orchid Society, officially swore in the new inductees. We dined on the scrumptious buffet and were bestowed with various beautiful plants. Many thanks were given to our previous leaders and kind appreciation was expressed to our new officers and trustees.

In case you were not aware, our orchid society is full of warm, generous, talented, knowledgeable and delightful people with a common interest: orchid culture.  And once a year we recognize the best of the best of our members by the selection of  the WOS Orchidist of the Year and Orchidist of the Decade.  Here are this year’s honorees:

Orchidist of the Decade: Larry Kamiya

Larry has been a WOS member for many years and is a strong contributor to the WOS ‘ohana.  He has held various positions in our society: as President, as Trustee, and he helps out at our WOS Spring Show, assists and chairs the set-up of WOS displays at other Orchid Society shows, helps out at WOS events as a chairperson, liaison, educator, speaker at our General meetings.  However, his biggest contribution to the WOS is in sharing his knowledge of orchids to its members at the various functions and meetings.  He is always encouraging other members to get involved, he has recruited new members and is patient.

At the board meetings, he has always given advice to the board members on cutting costs, as well as giving WOS the opportunity to display, participate and earn some money in the Windward Mall Center Court.  He has shared his knowledge with a lot of members and has consistently provided our society with award winning plants.  That is his true passion.

Orchidist of the Year: Ruby Hiraishi

Ruby is a long time WOS member who has been a solid contributor to the WOS in so many ways: as a Trustee, and helps out at our WOS Spring Show, assists in setting up the WOS displays at most of the other Orchid Society shows, helps out at WOS events at the check-in reception table and raffle table.  But that’s not all, her biggest contribution to the WOS is in sharing her knowledge of orchids to its members at the various functions and meetings. She is always encouraging other members to get involved. She’s a go getter and is always around to lend a hand.

At the board meetings, she always makes us think about why we are doing this event or activity. Ruby has been involved with our society for more than 2 decades. Most recently she chaired the committee to amend our WOS Bylaws.

She is the type of member and role model for all our members to be: positive, helpful, resourceful, an educator and willing to share any information that would help a fellow orchidist.

  President's Message


We have started another fiscal year with a new Board that Roy Andrade installed at the Banquet. Great food, lots of fun and there were also LOTS of plants and gift cards that were raffled off.

My message during the banquet was just to remind people that the new board will have some challenges ahead. It will definitely be an interesting dance to try and curb expenses and yet continue to provide education to the membership.

I’d like to repeat my message to the membership. For you new members, and I’m talking about anyone that has been growing orchids for 5 years or less:

· Take advantage of the Orchid Workshops at Dot’s house – you get an opportunity to have one on one contact with some of us Old Timers!

· Come to the meetings, talk to any one of the Board members and volunteer when you can – that’s when you really get to know everyone.

      Old Timers – yes, you.  The ones that have the knowledge, the tricks, and the skills to pass along:

· PLEASE educate and please help promote orchid growing.

The WOS has been around for more than 60 years, the more you can pass along to the next generation, the more you guarantee that the WOS will continue on for another 60+ years.

I hope to see you all at the upcoming meetings and I promise to walk the talk – and I will try and educate, educate and pass along a few tricks I’ve learned!! 

  - Sheron